The Indomitable Spirit of SX: How the Half-Skull Boy Overcame Impossible Challenges

The tale of the boy with a “half-skull” who fought to stay alive has circulated across the United States and has become a beacon of hope for countless individuals, particularly those battling unmanageable illnesses.

Brandon Buell and his wife faced criticism from some who believed that they were selfish for not having an abortion when they found out that their son, Jaxon Emmett Buell, had a major defect in his brain and skull. Doctors had informed the couple that their son would not be able to live past a few weeks, but Jaxon defied the odds and celebrated his first birthday with his smiling parents. At 17 weeks of pregnancy, Jaxon was diagnosed with a rare congenital syndrome called Microhydranencephaly, which left him missing most of his brain and skull. Doctors recommended an abortion, but Brandon and his wife were determined to let Jaxon be born. The baby’s Facebook account, Jaxon Strong, attracted over 200,000 followers, and the GoFundMe fund received almost $100,000 in donations to support Jaxon’s medical and family expenses. While Jaxon cannot feed himself and is supported by a feeding tube, his father remains optimistic. Some criticized the couple for being “selfish” in not having an abortion, to which Brandon replied that having a baby is a choice for both parents, and the child’s illness is not a reason for an abortion. Jaxon’s parents continue to have strong faith and are dedicated to giving their son the best possible life.

Jaxon came into this world with some challenges, as he was born with defects in his brain and skull. This information was shared on his parent’s Facebook page.

Jaxon, who is only 13 months old, has just taken his very first steps with the help of his loving parents. This precious moment was captured in a heartwarming photo shared on Facebook.

Jaxon celebrated his first birthday in August of 2015, and he did it with joy written all over his face. This special moment was captured on Facebook for everyone to see.

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