“Sweet Treats and Sensuality: Katy Perry Flaunts Figure in Crop Top while Dishing out Cherry Pies to Promote Latest Single in NYC”

Katy Perry grabbed the limelight with her latest stunt on Friday. The talented 32-year-old singer was seen in Times Square, New York, serving freshly baked cherry pie from a mobile food truck. Her outfit was also hard to miss – a red crop top paired with blue high-waist pants in check pattern. Watch the video below for more.

So sweet! Katy Perry was spotted in Times Square on Friday handing out cherry pie to passersby

How adorable! Katy Perry was seen in Times Square last Friday generously distributing cherry pie to people walking by.

She placed a pair of bright cherry red sunglasses on her bleached blonde hair as part of her publicity for her new single Bon appétit. Perry was more than happy to interact with fans, signing autographs on boxed desserts while posing for pictures. She later changed into a cherry-print dress and posted a picture of herself helping to prepare a mouth-watering pie on Instagram. The singer seemed to be enjoying herself immensely during the promotion of her new song.

Just desserts! The 32-year-old pop star donned blue pants and a crop top as she served the freshly baked treats

The pop star, who is 32 years old, wore a crop top and blue pants while serving freshly baked desserts. How sweet!

Technicolor! The ex of Orlando Bloom loves bold colors and cartoony motifs, seen wearing toy car-like flats with bold hues

Technicolor! The ex of Orlando Bloom loves bold colors and cartoony motifs, seen wearing toy car-like flats with bold hues

Katy was seen mingling with her delighted admirers as she distributed sweet treats to them, making her a fan favorite.

Getting the word out: The singer is promoting her new single Bon Appétit - her collaboration with Migos

The singer is currently promoting her latest single, Bon Appétit, which is a collaboration with the group Migos. In a playful Instagram caption, she joked that the song is actually about cherry pie. The track features Perry’s most provocative lyrics yet, with lines such as “Got me spread like a buffet” and “Appetite for seduction.” She also declares herself to be “the world’s best cherry pie” and promises to keep listeners satisfied. Overall, Bon Appétit is a steamy addition to Perry’s discography.

Short hair don't care: The quirky starlet's newly shorn hair complimented her fruity look

The unconventional actress rocked her recently cropped hair, which perfectly complemented her fun and playful outfit. She wasn’t bothered by having short hair and embraced her unique style.

Technicolor! The ex of Orlando Bloom loves bold colors and cartoony motifs, seen wearing toy car-like flats with bold hues

Technicolor! The ex of Orlando Bloom loves bold colors and cartoony motifs, seen wearing toy car-like flats with bold hues

Orlando Bloom’s former partner is a fan of vibrant hues and playful designs, often spotted donning quirky flat shoes resembling toy cars in bright shades. She definitely loves to add a pop of color to her outfits!

Wild words: The star's new collaboration with Migos is one of Katy's raunchier songs. In it she croons 'Got me spread like a buffet' and 'Melt in your mouth kind of lovin'

Katy Perry’s latest musical collaboration with Migos features some risqué lyrics that are sure to raise eyebrows. The pop star sings about being spread out like a buffet and offering up a delicious kind of loving that will make you melt in your mouth. It’s definitely one of her more daring tracks to date.

Baking babe! Katy changed into a cherry-print dress as she helped prepare a delicious looking pie

Katy, the baking enthusiast, transformed her look by putting on a cute dress with cherry print while lending a hand in making a scrumptious-looking pie.

Upon the release of the cover art for the track, numerous followers of Katy Perry, whose total count amounts to 97 million individuals, expressed their discontent. This is due to the fact that several rappers involved in the project have made inappropriate comments regarding both women and individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. One of the group members, Quavo, notably stated that “the world is not right” when fellow Atlanta rapper iLoveMakonnen came out as gay. However, they later tweeted that they are fans of the artist and clarified that they do not have issues with anyone’s sexual orientation. Fans have cautioned Perry to exercise more caution in such matters, especially since she accepted an award at the Human Rights Campaign gala in March, indicating her knowledge and support of such causes.

Appetizing: Perry was transformed into a food platter in this sexy snap she shared on Thursday

Delightful: Perry decided to showcase her culinary skills by becoming a scrumptious platter in a sultry photo shared on Thursday.

Feast: The songstress tweeted a promotional snap for her new track on Friday

Banquet: The female vocalist shared a promotional photo for her latest song on social media last week.

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