“Stylish Starlet: Baby Flaunts Fashionable Flair with a Striking Purple Birthmark on Her Face”

All mothers wish for their babies to be healthy, beautiful, and lovely. However, sometimes things do not go according to plan. Despite this, for parents, their child will always be an angel. Chasitty, residing in Bremerton, Washington, experienced extreme nausea during her pregnancy with Willow. While this is a common symptom among pregnant women, prolonged and severe nausea can make both mother and baby unwell.

After enduring the challenging days of pregnancy, a baby girl was born at Harrison Medical Center in Silverdale on September 17th last year. Despite being ten days overdue, she weighed a healthy 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Her mother, Chasitty, describes her as the perfect little child. However, while nursing her, Chasitty noticed a dark mark on the right side of Willow’s body, along with her arms and chest, resembling a red wine spill. A doctor later expressed concern when Willow’s face, right arm, leg, and chest remained dark purple. After running tests, the doctor diagnosed it as a birthmark and recommended laser surgery, which Willow underwent at just two months old. Chasitty expresses feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

When I thought about how my daughter would feel when she got older and saw her birthmark, my heart ached for her. Doctors were concerned that the mark might cause abnormalities in the blood vessels of the skin, which could lead to Sturge-Weber syndrome. Thankfully, an MRI showed that she did not have this condition. Willow began treatment every two months at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the first time was particularly difficult to watch as she cried out in pain.

Willow’s birthmark has significantly lightened compared to its previous state, and now turns a deep purple within two to three weeks after undergoing laser treatment. Despite her passion for beautifying herself, Willow’s spending on clothing can reach up to $160 per month. She carries herself with the same grace as top clothing models when wearing everything from beautiful scars and babies to coats.

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