Kylie Jenner Stuns in Fuchsia Swimsuit During Her 18th Birthday Beach Getaway in Mexico – See the Pictures Here!

Kylie Jenner’s swimsuit collection has outshined her friends on her birthday. The 18-year-old donned a daring hot pink swimsuit with a high-cut and revealed her curves. The swimsuit had “Body Glove” written on it and Kylie looked like a Baywatch star while walking along Casa Aramara beach in Mexico.

Bold: Kylie Jenner looked incredible when she hit Casa Aramara beach in Mexico on Thursday afternoon

Kylie Jenner made quite an impression during her recent trip to Casa Aramara beach in Mexico. The reality TV starlet has been flaunting her figure in an assortment of brightly colored swimsuits, some of which have a distinctly 80s flair. She seems to be taking style cues from her famous sister Kim, who is known for her curvy physique. During her latest beach outing, Kylie showcased her bold fashion sense by pulling up her swimsuit to accentuate her thighs. She also accessorized with neon green nails and a chest tattoo in bright orange lettering. Overall, Kylie’s beach look was as eye-catching as ever.

Precious: She sported a 'Body Glove' swimsuit that hugged to every inch of her Kardashian curves

Paraphrased: Kylie, the youngest member of the Kardashian family, was spotted on vacation sporting a ‘Body Glove’ swimsuit that accentuated her curves. After taking a dip in the clear waters, she shook out her braided hair, which was dyed golden. She appeared to be fully made up, with long lash extensions and nude lipstick. Interestingly, her swimsuit choice seemed to be inspired by her friend, who was also seen wearing the same one piece during the holiday. Despite having an extensive wardrobe, Kylie opted for her friend’s style for the occasion.

Body glove: The swimsuit certainly hugged to her form

Adjustments: Kylie wasn't pulling the swimsuit down, she was pulling it up

Confident and unreserved: The dark-haired woman lifted her bathing suit to highlight her stunning figure on the beach.

Throwback: She enjoyed something of a Baywatch moment with a throwback 1980s style swimsuit

Flashback: She had a Baywatch moment in a 1980s-inspired swimsuit, enjoying soaking up the sun on a party yacht with her friends. One of her pals, donning long blonde locks and large shades, was almost unrecognizable compared to their previous appearance. Kylie Jenner is currently extending her birthday festivities over a week with close friend Tyga, big sister Kendall, and mutual friend Hailey Baldwin. Although she already celebrated her 18th birthday with a big bash, it’s no surprise that she’s keeping the party going with her lavish lifestyle.

'My lil babies': Kylie took to Instagram on Thursday to upload a picture with her girls as they posed with a jetski

On Thursday, Kylie shared a photo on Instagram featuring her beloved little ones. The snapshot showed the girls posing playfully alongside a jetski.

Polished: The teenager appeared to wear long eyelashes and nude lipstick

Catching a tan? The swimsuit didn't leave her much opportunity to tan

Radiant and stunning: She flaunted vibrant green nails and a fluorescent orange phrase on her shirt.

Idyllic: The beach spot where the girls docked their party yacht seemed pretty idyllic with rolling waves and golden sands

The location where the girls docked their party yacht appeared to be a picturesque paradise, with its undulating waves and sun-kissed shores. Reportedly, Joe Francis, the founder of Girls Gone Wild, is the one organizing the yacht party for Kylie Jenner’s momentous birthday celebration in Mexico, where she is surrounded by loved ones and close friends. Francis frequently invites the Kardashian family to his extravagant Casa Aramara estate, where they can relish the lavish 5-star facilities situated in Punta Mita. This stunning vacation home is equipped with 12 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a private beach, two pools, a gym, an in-house screening room, and professional executive chefs who offer delectable cuisine fit for royalty.

Seen it before; The girlfriend cut a very different figure with blonde tresses and large sunglasses

Clothes swap: Despite her lavish lifestyle, Kylie wanted to borrow the one piece it seemed

It looks like Kylie might have taken inspiration from her friend’s swimwear collection as she was spotted wearing a similar swimsuit that her gal pal had donned just a few days before.

Scooped low: She readjusted the swimsuit to reveal just enough of her assets

Lowering her neckline, she made subtle shifts to her swimsuit to tastefully showcase her figure.

Soaking it up: It was a girls' getaway in which Kylie was joined by Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and boyfriend Tyga

Absorbing the atmosphere: The occasion was a female-only retreat with Kylie being accompanied by Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and her partner Tyga.

Kardashian curves: She cut a very similar figure to her half sister Kim; who's known for her curves

Kardashian curves: Her figure resembled that of her half-sister Kim, who is famous for her curvy physique.

Another day, another bikini: Kylie was seen with boyfriend Tyga earlier in the week, this time sporting a cream two piece

Beach break: They held hands as they marched down to the beach

Once again, Kylie Jenner was spotted with her beau Tyga while donning a new swimsuit. This time, she opted for a cream-colored two-piece.

Cute twosome: The pair were captured paddling at Casa Aramara, Punta Mita, Mexico

Adorable duo: The couple was spotted kayaking in Casa Aramara, located in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Beach break: Kylie is holidaying with Kendall Jenner (left) her big sister and Hailey Baldwin (right)

Beach bums: The girls were seen running up and down the beach in their teeny costumes

Kylie is enjoying a beach vacation in the company of her older sister Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

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