Katy Perry’s Fun-filled Shenanigans with a New Primate Pal

Katy Perry, the pop sensation known for her eccentricities, has formed an unusual friendship with a playful chimpanzee. The singer was seen getting cozy with her new primate pal during a magazine photoshoot on Katie Couric’s All Access Grammy Special aired on CBS. The show follows the 24-year-old’s journey to stardom.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a new buddy to hang out with on Katie Couric’s All Access Grammy Special, and it’s not another celebrity. She was seen enjoying the company of an ape. This Sunday, Katy is nominated for the best female pop vocal performance at the Grammy Awards. She will be competing against Adele, Sara Bareilles, Duffy, Leona Lewis, and Pink.

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In a recent statement, Katy disclosed that she let out an ear-piercing scream when she received her first nomination. Having grown up in a household with evangelical Christian parents, Katy left home at the age of 17 to follow her dreams of becoming a pop star. However, she revealed that producers constantly tried to shape her into a conventional pop star by asking her to replicate the most popular songs of that era like “Since You’ve Been Gone” or “Complicated.” This admission was made during a separate interview on the Early Show.

Katy Perry

During a magazine photoshoot, the singer of “I Kissed A Girl” was captured on camera spending time with a chimpanzee. She expressed that it’s difficult to tell people that she wants to pave her own way in life.

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According to her, music executives were hesitant about her and would make negative comments about her behind her back. However, she stayed resolute, stating that she is not affected by people’s remarks because they say what they want to say. She once thought to herself that one day, she’d be attending the Grammy Awards waving at them while they’re at home heating up their microwave dinners.

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