Katy Perry Pays Tribute to Minnie Mouse with Sexy Walk of Fame-Inspired Dress

Katy Perry is a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic with a special adoration for Minnie Mouse, the official First Lady of Walt Disney Company. She recently had the opportunity to pay tribute to her childhood idol by presenting her with a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Katy went all out in paying homage to the female cartoon icon by dressing in head-to-toe red polka dots, emulating the iconic look of Minnie Mouse from the vintage cartoons. Check out the video below for a glimpse of the ceremony.

Love in her eyes: Katy arrived wearing heart shaped sunglasses

Katy made a grand entrance at the Los Angeles presentation donning heart-shaped sunglasses. Engaging with the audience, she playfully asked, “Who looks better?” before taking the podium to deliver her speech. Her outfit consisted of a stunning flamenco-style minidress with ruffled sleeves and hem, exuding glamour and drama. While paying tribute to the demure cartoon character, Katy added her own touch of sex appeal, true to her signature style. Love was evident in her eyes, and she looked every bit the pop princess that she is.

Polka dot perfection! Katy Perry and Heidi Klum join BFF Minnie Mouse as she gets a star on the Walk Of Fame on Monday in Los Angeles

Katy Perry and Heidi Klum accompanied their best friend, Minnie Mouse, as she received a star on the Walk Of Fame in Los Angeles. The trio looked charming with polka dot outfits that complemented the joyful occasion.

Fashion faux pas? In what could have been an awkward misstep, Katy picked out the same shade as Minnie - a vibrant red and white

Did Katy commit a fashion faux pas? It seemed like she almost did when she showed up wearing the same vibrant red and white shade as Minnie. However, she managed to make it work with her vintage-style dress that showcased her lean legs in black pointed heels. The outfit was completed with a huge exaggerated hat and love-heart sunglasses in red. Katy even praised Minnie’s style, calling it the epitome of fun fashion. She admitted that she’s trying to rock a bow, the color red, or a dot just like her.

Red, white and you! The I Kissed A Girl singer certainly seemed delighted to be at Minnie's side

The famous singer of “I Kissed A Girl” was all smiles as she stood next to Minnie, sporting a red and white outfit.

I Kissed A Mouse! Maybe it's time for Katy to update her famous hit

It might be time for Katy to give her famous song a new twist because guess what I did? I kissed a mouse!

Long time coming: Minnie has been in the business for 90 years

It’s been a while: Minnie has been in the industry for nine decades.

Parade partners: Walt's creations joined arm in arm with Katy 

Walt Disney’s iconic characters, including Minnie Mouse, and Katy Perry took part in a parade, celebrating Minnie Mouse receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the event, Katy expressed her joy for Minnie to finally receive this honor and pointed out the current climate in Hollywood by noting that Minnie’s counterpart, Mickey Mouse, received his star in 1978. Katy praised Minnie’s ability to bring joy to so many effortlessly, stating that it was like returning home. After waiting until her 90th anniversary in entertainment, Minnie finally received her star, which is the 2,627th star located in front of El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, while Mickey became the first cartoon character to get a star forty years ago.

Kiss me cupid: As for Heidi, she chose black polka dots in contrast to Minnie's favorite red shade, which she accessorized with a mouse ear headband

Smooch me, love guru: Heidi went for a black polka dot ensemble that differed from Minnie’s go-to red hue. She added a touch of whimsy with a mouse ear headband.

Fabulous in flats! Minnie wore yellow shoes for her outing 

Minnie looked absolutely stunning in her flat yellow shoes as she stepped out for the day. Her impressive career has spanned over 70 animated films, making her an iconic figure in the entertainment industry. Alongside Minnie, model Heidi Klum also made an appearance at the star-studded event, donning a black polka dot outfit to contrast Minnie’s classic red ensemble. To complete her look, Minnie added a cute mouse ear headband as the perfect accessory.

Strike a pose: Katy couldn't help but smile while posing with Minnie

Katy couldn’t contain her joy as she struck a pose alongside Minnie, her infectious smile lighting up the photograph.

Looking good: Heidi sported polka dots with strappy heels

Heidi appeared to be fashionable as she wore a polka dot outfit paired with strappy heels.

Good times: Lucy Hale also attended; she looked chic in her Coach ensemble alongside Minnie who also donned custom Coach for the event

Lucy Hale was also present at the event, sporting a chic and fashionable outfit. It was a great time for everyone in attendance.

Happy: The former Pretty Little Liars star chose a bomber jacket with a graphic T-shirt and a patterned skirt

Delighted: The ex-star of Pretty Little Liars opted for a bomber jacket, complemented by a graphic tee and a skirt with a distinctive pattern.

Pretty: Lucy styled her tresses sleek with a Minnie headband

Lucy looked beautiful with her sleek hair styled in a way that perfectly complemented the Minnie headband she was wearing.

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