“Hooray for Katy Perry: Pop Star Wows Sailors in Fleet Week Performance with Patriotic American Flag Dress”

Stars and stripes: Katy went patriotic in an American flag dress to perform at the event

Katy showed her love for the US with a patriotic twist by donning an American flag dress during her performance at the event.

Fashion statement: Katy kept the rest of her outfit simple as she showed off the full effects of her asymmetric dress

Katy made a bold fashion statement by wearing an asymmetric dress and keeping the rest of her outfit simple, which drew attention to the unique style of her dress.

Patriotic: Katy showed her love for her country further when she gave a sweet salute as she got ready to perform

Katy demonstrated her deep affection for her nation by offering a kind salute while preparing to take the stage.

Unique style: The frock seemed to be an asymmetric dress before Katy revealed it in all its glory

Unique style: The frock seemed to be an asymmetric dress before Katy revealed it in all its glory

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At first glance, the dress appeared to be a unique and unconventional asymmetrical piece. However, when Katy finally flaunted it, the true beauty of the frock was fully revealed.

Special performance: Katy sang for a group of sailors to kick off the week in Brooklyn

Katy Perry treated a bunch of sailors to an exclusive performance in Brooklyn, starting off their week with a bang!

Chuffed: The handsome man-in-uniform was clearly thrilled

Ecstatic: The good-looking man dressed in his uniform was evidently overjoyed.

Flying the flag: Even Katy's microphone was styled with stars and stripes as she performed her hit Part of Me

Katy Perry rocked her patriotic side when she performed her popular single “Part of Me,” with even her microphone being designed with stars and stripes. She definitely showed her love for the red, white, and blue!

Soldiering on: Katy stuck to the military theme by having her backing dancers dressed in combat gear

Katy Perry kept up the military vibe during her performance as her backup dancers donned combat gear.

Enjoying the single life: Katy looked delighted as she perched on the back of one of her male dancers

Feeling free and fabulous: Katy appeared overjoyed while sitting on the back of one of her male dancers.

Honoured: Katy seemed very happy about being asked to take part in the tradition and tweeted her delight

Thrilled: Katy expressed her excitement on Twitter when she was invited to participate in the customary practice.

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