“Diaper Dilemma: Hilarious Photos Show Newborns’ Strained Expressions During Potty Time”

The arrival of a new member in the family is a remarkable moment that every family cherishes. However, there are certain aspects of this experience that are not as fascinating as others, such as changing dirty nappies all the time. Despite this, the parents of the adorable babies featured in this online gallery found something to smile about – the funny expressions their babies make when they need to do their business. These babies’ parents couldn’t help but snap a picture of their little ones’ amusing reactions, which vary from perplexed, to tense, to simply startled.

This baby's parents couldn't resist reaching for the camera phone to capture the moment  

The parents of this adorable baby just couldn’t resist grabbing their camera phone to capture the precious moment.

The online gallery features babies' strained expressions as nature calls  

The virtual exhibit showcases the comical facial expressions of infants during their potty time.

This tot looks pretty pleased with himself regardless

This little one seems quite satisfied with his current situation, despite it being unclear what that might be.

This baby looks quizzical as she works on doing her business 

The little one seems perplexed while trying to take care of her needs.

Expressions range from pained, to tearful, to strained, to in the case of this baby, plain shocked

The emotions conveyed by individuals can vary greatly, from showing signs of discomfort and agony, to becoming emotional and shedding tears, to appearing tense and strained. And in the case of this little one, their facial expression suggests that they are simply taken aback or caught off guard by something unexpected.

This cute baby almost looks close to tears through the effort of it all

This adorable infant appears to be on the verge of shedding tears due to the amount of exertion they are putting in.

This little lad looks particularly unimpressed

This young boy appears quite unenthusiastic.

The expression on some of the babies' faces suggests it had come as something of a surprise

It seems that a few of the infants were caught off guard, based on their facial expressions.

This baby's face ballooned up as he exerted his energy on the business of pooping

As this little one pushed and strained to do his business, his cute face puffed up like a balloon.

It's hard to tell if this baby is upset by his bowels or the bizarre array of patterns around him

Determining whether this infant is distressed by his digestive system or the perplexing assortment of designs surrounding him is quite a challenge.

This baby celebrated reaching the grand old age of three months with a poop picture  

This little bundle of joy marked a milestone as it turned three months old and commemorated the occasion with a quirky snapshot of its poop.

This tiny newborn was already ready to get down to business

This little baby was all set to start tackling life right from the start.

A little dribble escaped this baby's mouth as he strained to let nature take its course 

As the little one tried to do his business, a tiny drool made its way out of his mouth.

It's the most natural thing in the world - but this baby looks confused regardless  

It’s a common occurrence – yet this little one appears bewildered.

This little lady was going cross-eyed from the effort

The petite lady was struggling so much that her eyes went in different directions.

This little trooper manages to look adorable even when filling their nappy 

Despite the messy situation, this tiny warrior never fails to charm with their cuteness.

Spying this expression on a tot's face might spark a row between parents over who is on nappy changing duty 

Seeing this look on a baby’s face could potentially lead to a disagreement between parents about who should be responsible for changing the diaper.

Newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping, eating or pooping - and we all know which of the three is happening in this snap  

Most of a baby’s time is dedicated to sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom. It’s easy to tell which activity is taking place in this particular photo.

When you're this tiny, even going to the toilet requires a mammoth effort  

Being so small means even simple tasks, like using the restroom, become a monumental challenge.

Plenty of the babies featured in the online gallery look quite tearful as a result of their efforts 

Many of the infants showcased in the digital collection appear to be quite sad due to their exertions.

This cheeky little one looks coy as he allows nature to take its course 

The mischievous little creature appears bashful while letting things happen naturally.

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