“A Tiny Warrior: The Inspiring Journey of an Infant with a Rare Condition”

According to reports from the BBC, a doctor is urgently needed to perform skull repair surgery on a baby who was born with hydrocephalus. The 11-month-old girl has a large cone-shaped growth on her head due to the condition, which causes an accumulation of fluid in the brain cavities. The family is seeking help to find a surgeon who can remove the growth and prevent permanent disability for the infant.

When she was born, only half of her skull had developed and a fluid-filled ball larger than her head formed on the outside. According to her father, Reynaldo Cruz, who works as a tricycle driver in Manila, Philippines, the growth began to swell out of control.

Her eyesight is now being impacted by the large lump, and her family is working hard to save up the money needed for its removal. Unfortunately, the reconstructive surgery required to remove the lump is a high-risk procedure, and they are struggling to find a doctor who is willing to perform it. Despite these challenges, the 32-year-old remains hopeful that once the growth on her head is removed, her eyes will recover.

However, the proposed operation comes with a significant amount of risk, and the medical professionals at this facility have informed us that they cannot perform both procedures simultaneously. Our daughter’s future is uncertain without these operations. As MK approaches her first birthday, she requires a shunt procedure that involves inserting a tube into her brain to drain excess fluid and redirect it to another part of her body.

Once the excess fluid is drained, she will require another surgery to fix her skull. Reyaldo mentioned that they were informed that a doctor from the United States is needed before they can proceed with the second procedure because there is nobody in the Philippines who can perform it. It remains uncertain if there is someone willing to travel to their location to conduct the operation. Failure to execute the surgery to repair her skull could result in a permanent deformity. Hydrocephalus is a condition where an excessive amount of fluid accumulates in the brain, causing pressure that may lead to damage.

Various symptoms can arise due to brain damage, such as headaches, vomiting, vision impairment, and difficulty in walking. The brain generates cerebrospinal fluid continuously, producing approximately one pint each day, with old fluid discharged and absorbed into the blood vessels. Nonetheless, if this mechanism gets disrupted, the fluid levels may accumulate rapidly, exerting pressure on the brain.

Hydrocephalus is a condition that often occurs in infants and older individuals, and it can either be present at birth, develop after birth, or even occur in older adults. When babies are born with this condition, they require immediate surgery to prevent permanent disability. However, there is hope for successful treatment through the placement of a drainage tube in the head to remove excess fluid.

According to Cathleen Keith Chavoso, partner of Reynaldo and mother of MK, their community members and neighbors have been generous in providing donations to their family. They are currently saving up for an operation that could cost several thousand dollars, even if they do manage to find a doctor who can perform it. Despite the challenges, Cathleen remains optimistic about her daughter’s chances and is determined to keep fighting for her.

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